‘Us’ Trailer: Jordan Peele’s next movie is a horrifying, surreal home invasion

I ain’t ready for Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out. But, I’m so fucking ready for Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out.

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Jordan Peele’s next movie is titled ‘Us’ with Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, and Elisabeth Moss in talks

jordan peele next movie us

Jesus fucking Christ, I cannot wait for Jordan Peele’s next movie. Which, by the way, is called Us. Oh! And, it’s dropping March 2019. But, wait! The rumored cast is also insane.

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Jordan Peele is filming his next movie later this year. I’m ready, my dudes

jordan peele next movie later this year

Jordan Peele will be filming his follow-up to Get Out later this year, and I’m ready. I loved the fuck out of the aforementioned film, and I’m stoked to see what the dude brings for his next effort.

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Monday Morning Commute: Don’t Stop Me Now!

monday morning commute don't stop me now

Hello, friends. Hello, comrades. Passersby, lurkers, regulars. Hello, hello, hello. We are on Day Three of my Spring Break, which is also Day Three of my wife being away on a vacation in Belize.

Don’t fret! I’ve washed my ass. Don’t fret! My animals are alive. Don’t fret! I’m eating. Don’t fret, don’t fret, don’t fret. Oh sure, it’s a half-hearted scrub. Oh sure, they’re bored of me and I’m bored of them. Oh sure, no vegetables have been spotted near my throat-chasm since last week.

Am I losing my mind? Always.

Am I feeling Cabin Fever? I hope not, because there’s a blizzard coming tomorrow that’s going to pin me right in this house.

Am I hoping you’ll come hang out in Monday Morning Commute? Share what you’re enjoying-looking-forward-to-thinking-about-consuming this week?


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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: On Intimate Terms With Catastrophe

on intimate terms with catastrophe

There can be something exhilarating and freeing about a condemned, Post-Hope existence.

Sure. I utter this from a plateau. From a monument of privilege.

My wife makes good money, I got a dick, can pass for straight, and sport a blanche complexion.

With those caveats in tow, I mean, this rotting obelisk doesn’t seem so intimidating. It may be a survival technique, these gallantly leapt hoops I am gallantly leaping through. But what else would you ask of me?

The seas rise, the Earth heats, the resources dwindle, the population increases. Those in charge predicate power and greed over empathy and charity.

It’s done. It. Capital “I”, if you will. Shot through the heart. To carry on itself seems a tip of the cap to existential absurdism.

What else to do, what else would you have me do? A little mild resistance during the day. But the heart weakens, the mind fatigues, respite is earned and welcome.

So I fuck, and I smoke a little weed. I laugh with friends, go out to dinner with my wife. Enjoy movies, condemn liberal sophistic think pieces and conservative hate screeds alike. Play some video games, walk my dog. Marvel at the night sky and feel peace in the recognition that We Don’t Matter, We Never Mattered, And It will be fine when we’re gone. It. Capital “I”, if you will.

Every once in a while, I contemplate carrying on my lineage, am reminded that if anyone is getting off this melting marble it certainly won’t be an ancestor of my class and caste. I pass off that condemnation for another week, month, year, maybe forever. Can you imagine that? Willfully procreating at the end of civilization? Sometimes I can. Sometimes I can’t.

I have no words of encouragement other than we’re all down in the bottom decks of this wonderful, wicked, pointless sinking ship together. So fuck it, and fuck it together.

Let’s spend some time chatting. There’s nothing really else to do.

[This is Monday Morning Commute]

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Get Out Trailer: Jordan Peele Goes Psychological Horror

Jordan Peele writing and directing horror flick, ‘Get Out’

Jordan Peele

Key & Peele is like, my favorite fucking thing going lately. Completely obsessed with their absurd humor, funny wigs, and cultural insight. However, when I think of them, I definitely don’t think “writing and directing horror flicks.” But that’s exactly what Jordan Peele is doing.

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