Nintendo Is Teasing GameCube Virtual Console For Switch

nintendo gamecube virtual console switch

Nintendo Switch is totally getting a GameCube virtual console, huh? I mean, when you have top execs from Nintendo throwing flowers at the idea, it certainly feels inevitable.

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Report: Nintendo Switch To Get GameCube Games Via Virtual Console

nintendo switch gamecube games virtual console

The Nintendo Switch is going to be getting GameCube games, folks! That’s if you believe EuroGamer. And, I do!

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Watch: “Game of Cubes” is Nintendo, hallucinatory madness by Benjamin Santiago

GameStop Ending GameCube TRADE-INS On April 2. Moment Of Silence.

GameStop is declaring April 2, 2012 as the day they stop accepting GameCubes for trade-in. It blew my asshole sky high to know that they even accepted them up until now. G’damn! What they throwing at these things, thirty-cents?

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Curator Builds A Cube of GameCubes. That’s A Lot of Smash Bros. Games At Once.

Curator  Syd Bolton went and did something impractical and glorious. Two concepts that often walk hand-in-hand around these parts. He went ahead and build a cube of GameCubes. Mine eyes! They hath seen the glory. Fall to my knees. Kiss the feet and such.

Hit the jump to see the beauty, and read about it.

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