GameStop Ending GameCube TRADE-INS On April 2. Moment Of Silence.

GameStop is declaring April 2, 2012 as the day they stop accepting GameCubes for trade-in. It blew my asshole sky high to know that they even accepted them up until now. G’damn! What they throwing at these things, thirty-cents?


Though it’s already long past the time you would have gotten any decent store credit for trading in a GameCube or games, the deal’s about to get a lot worse. Starting April 2,GameStop  will  stop  taking trade-ins of GameCube hardware, software, or accessories.

It’s going to be a bit sad to see the giant stack of  Donkey Konga  bongo controllers in our local store dwindle without any way for the supply to renew itself. That said, if you want a cheap  Donkey Konga  controller, now’s the time to go secure one.

Yeah, totally man. A collectible. ‘Cause you can’t buy one used on Amazon for $20. Carrying strap in mind condition, too!