‘Batman v Superman’ Final Trailer: Bruce Wayne Is Good At Fighting

Okay, I’m not going to fucking front. I smiled throughout this entire trailer. Like, I *know* that this movie is probably going to be ass. I know! But finally, a fucking *fun* trailer for the movie. Highlighting the usual Snyder imagery that tricks me into thinking I’ll enjoy his characters. I’m a sucker for flash, and fighting, and Bat-Guy and Super-Dude. If the movie could tow the line and actually just embrace its absurdity, we may be in for a good ride. The problem is that this is the first trailer that doesn’t make the entire movie feel like a slog of brooding broodiness. Who knows. I’m, at least, more excited than I’ve ever been for this movie. (Which is saying absolutely nothing, true.)

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‘Wonder Woman’ movie gets new director in Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman!!!~dsafs

Patty Jenkins. She has crossed the war lines! Once she was up to direct Thor 2, and now she’s going to be helming the Wonder Woman flick.

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‘Wonder Woman’ movie loses director Michelle MacLaren

Wonder Woman

It appears that the Wonder Woman movie is back on the market for a director.

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Behold: High-Res image of Wonder Woman in ‘Batman v Superman’

here you go

Here’s a high-res look at Gal Godot as Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice. What say you?

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