Marvel assembling all-female ‘Avengers’ title, co-written by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett.


Holy shit, now this is the berries. Marvel is assembling themselves an all-female Avengers, and it is being co-written by none other than Ms. Marvel maestro G. Willow Wilson.

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Awesome: ‘Ms. Marvel’ writer G. Willow Wilson signs exclusive Marvel contract

Ms. Marvel #7.

Normally I’d be all bummed out about a creator I love signing an exclusive contract with one of the Big Two. You know. Can’t do their own thing. Playing around with someone else’s mythos. Blah blah blah. But I’m bipolar, and I’m also happy G. Willow Wilson has been rewarded for the sheer wonderful nature of her writing.

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‘Ms. Marvel’ scribe G. Willow Wilson taking her talents to ‘X-Men’


Ms. Marvel‘s writer is taking her talents to the X-Men Universe. Which, if her four-part X-Men run is anything like her depiction of Wolverine in Ms. Marvel, means that it is going to be fucking incredible. I WILL USE COMMA SPLICES.

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Maximum Omega-Drive

New podcast up in your fucking gutsss. With a special fucking guest: Pepsibones Krueger! *Phazer sound, Phazer sound, Phazer sound* Back from his stint in the OMNIVERSE. With The Bones in Tow, the Gang Omega relocated to my compartment of the Space-Ship for this edition, and what occurred is truly the tale of two podcasts. Off the bat we vomit chunks of broken-brain about True Detective, artistic integrity, Her, how much Bateman loves to feel inspired, Ms. Marvel #1 and other bullshit. Then the booze kicks in, and what follows is generally just Pepsibones and me babbling drunkenly about Avengers,  Star Wars, and Jeremy Renner’s amazing vascularity. So it’s pretty fucking awesome.

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (2.5.2014) – The New Girl

Ms. Marvel #1.

You all remember your first, right?  The first time the “new kid in school” walked by you, and your jaw hit the floor.  How did you ever walk the earth without seeing beauty like this before?  How is your town suddenly and irrevocably reduced to a sea of troglodytes and inbred circus freaks with the new kid’s mere existence?  Today a comic drops in our laps that reminds me of that first time.  Every once in a while a comic comes along that changes the landscape – a book that forces not just comic fans, but the general public to take notice, to turn heads like the until-now-unimaginably attractive new kid.  Hit the jump and let’s discuss that head-turner – Marvel’s newest marvel, Ms. Marvel, plus a few other books that might deserve a spot on your pull list.

A full rundown of all this week’s releases can be found HERE.

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Marvel reveals NEW MS. MARVEL. A Muslim Teenager From New Jersey. Diversity, Get!


Dope. Even as Galactus is trying to eat Miles Morales’ ass or whatever in the Ultimate Universe (Gross, bro! He’s a minor), Marvel isn’t done punching up their line-up with some diversity. The Company That Believes in Simultaneous Events has revealed the new Ms. Marvel, and she is a Muslim teenager from New Jersey.

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