Hasbro’s Cinematic Universe has a Writers Room including Brian K. Vaughan, Nicole Perlman, and more


Listen, does Hasbro need a cinematic universe? Fucking of course not! But, does their assembling of an absurd of amount of talent to bring this universe to life get me intrigued? Fucking of course!

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Donald Levine, the creator of ‘G.I. JOE’, has passed away

Donald Levine.

The creator for G.I. Joe passed away on Thursday. While I never knew the good sir Donald Levine by name, what he unleashed on the world has certainly sculpted my grey matter to some extent. From a young age I’ve been certain that knowing was half the battle, and have wandered aimlessly, anxiously, despairingly, wondering what the fuck the other half was.

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The Dude’s High 5s: Old School Cartoons

The Dude's High 5.

I used to love cartoons.  What happened?  Did I grow up?  Did I turn into a fun hating ogre?  I just think that most cartoons today suck. There’s a few here and there that I love (Venture Brothers, South Park), but for the most part, I don’t like them. My friends always joke that I never had a childhood.  They make assumptions that I was always the cynical dick that I present myself as.  Well, to throw a wrench in their plans, here are my favorite 5 cartoon shows from when I was a child.

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Friday Brew Review – Life and Limb

What do the Mega Powers, the G.I. Joe episode The Greatest Evil, and today’s brew have in common?

Well, dummy-pants, they are all the product of unlikely – but wonderful – collaborations!

At the beer-market today, a delivery-dude saw me scouring the shelves for the perfect inebriator. “Hey kid,” he said, “give this a try. It’s a team-up between Sierra and Dogfish.” He then handed me a bottle of Life and Limb and dispersed into an ethereal gray, drifting into a nether-realm, awaiting the next opportunity to help a beer-drinker in need.

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