Amazon gets into cellphone game with ‘FIRE PHONE.’

fire phone or something

This AmazonĀ Fire Phone is fucking wild, man. Offering up all sorts of things you probably never wanted in a phone. And unlimited storage for photos, which is actually something that sounds pretty neat. But the rest? I don’t know. An app that turns it into a hot plate for coffee? Eh. Toggle that increases the radiation so you can kill your own cysts? Meh. Do we really need these?

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ALEX ROSS drops new ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ and ‘X-MEN’ ART for Comic-Con

the team!

CONTROVERSIAL COMMENT: I think Alex Ross can sit on it. Sit on what? A fucking firecracker that I’ve tricked him into thinking is a prostate massager. I find the dude pretentious, dismissive, and the rocker (at least in the past) of a ridiculous ponytail. That batch of pointless, self-condemning hate aside, I find his artwork gnarly. Here’s some new artwork of his.

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