Press Start: Micro-Transact My Dick


A vulgar response to a vulgar practice, right? No term sours my gaming experience more than ‘micro-transaction’: something about the idea of paying real money for virtual items just irks me. Call it an out dated, desperate grasp on the good ol’ days, or just plain xenophobia, but it’s an idea that I have real difficulty getting on board with. If solid old school mechanics taught me one thing, it’s that persistence and skill can overcome most hurdles, but very soon, the norm could become dropping a few sheckles to defeat that boss or snag that upgrade instead.

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40% Of ‘FREE-TO-PLAY’ PLAYERS Have Bought Something. Micro ++!

I have been told by people smarter than me that free-to-play games are future, with the company behind the game riding a wave of microtransactions to caviar dinners. Who the hell am I to question these people. Even if they were caked in blood and powdered sugar, wielding a baseball bat and a smile. Fuck, they have a study to back them up!

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