LOUIS C.K. totally pledging to sell HBO special worldwide for $5. Plus! No DRM.

You can take the Louis C.K. out of obscurity, but you can’t take the common man out of his soul. That’s…that’s how the saying goes, right? Duder is ripping off an HBO special soon, and he has pledged to drop that hotness on our asses for $5 a couple of months after it airs. This is fantastic.

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This gamer energy drink is giving ERECTIONS. Where am I signing up?

A gamer energy drink that will make my dong throb to the drums of war is something I’ve always wanted. Starting…right around the time I read this article. Actually, the entire thing would be somewhat terrible, for I am already an ADD-nightmare when it comes to gaming. I imagine having an uncomfortable Excalibur laying down my thigh would only exacerbate my suckitude at gaming.

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