Cosplay: MORE FEM SHEPARD, more all the time.

This FemShep is wonderful.

Shepard may be done with her part in the cosmos, but that doesn’t mean that cosmos is done with Shepard cosplay. What is the point of salvaging the wreckage of the galaxy, if we cannot bask in the glory of FemShep?

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Video: ‘Mass Effect 3’ Gets Official FemShep Trailer. Booyah!

The official FemShep , as decided by fan votes, has gotten herself an official ME3 trailer. I find this all shades of wonderful.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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BioWare Reveals The Official FemShep For ‘Mass Effect 3’. Fiery Redheaded Goodness.

The voting is over frreal, and BioWare has revealed the official FemShep that’ll grace Mass Effect 3. Who’d you vote for? What do you think of the current iteration?

Hit the jump to check out what she looks like.

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BioWare Wants You To Vote For The Default FemShep, Here Are The Choices.

After a (rightful) outcry by female gamers and fans of gamin’ equality about the lack of a FemShep in any promotional materials for any of the Mass Effect games, BioWare announced they’d be giving a default FemShep some love on the collector’s edition for the third game. They’re also giving the community the chance to vote on which one will be the default FemSheppy.

Hit the jump for the choices.

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Press Start!: Fat Boys and Female Gamers.

We’ve got that post-E3 swerve going on, don’t we? This is Press Start!, the weekly gaming column. Being broadcasted out of my brainstem into a document, onto the satellite-netter-webs conduits for your unpleasant consumption.

What caught your eyes in the world of gaming this week? I am a free-flowing cavalcade of non-sense. My interests may not reflect your own. Hit me with your own list or findings or nuggets of glorious gleaming gaming developments.

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FemShep To Be On ‘Mass Effect 3’ CE Box Art, Get Her Own Trailer. Win.

I play as a female Shepard in the Mass Effect games. I play as females in almost any game. I enjoy my protagonists to be powerful, assertive ladies. So, seeing only the regular male Shepard bombing around trailers bums me out. I imagine it bums out female gamers even more. Our sadness has been noticed, corrections are being taken.

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