‘Fast and Furious 9’ being directed by Justin Lin, who never should have stopped directing them

fast furious 9 justin lin

I say it without irony that Justin Lin’s run on the Fast and the Furious franchise is some of my favorite dumb-action-movie directing of the past 20 years or so. Not only that, but the series suffered a marked decline (again I’m serious), when he left after the sixth installment. Dude can direct an action sequence, friends. So, this is fucking fantastic news to me.

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‘Fast and Furious’ 9 and 10 get release dates; ride or die through 2021

Fast and Furious

Can we call the Fast and Furious movies and their alleged prequels and spin-offs the Dieselverse? ‘Cause with Vinny D dropping release dates for the ninth and tenth installments of the franchise before the eighth even arises, it sure feels like a cinematic universe.

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Vin Diesel shares first poster for ‘Fast 8’

fast and fast and fast

Vin Diesel has shared the first poster for Fast 8, the, uh, eight installment in the Fast and the Furious and the Furiously Fast franchise. Get hyped?

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Fast Five: Full-Throttle War With the Law

Summer is upon us and what better way to start blockbuster season than flipping a bus carrying convict Dominic Torrento? That’s exactly how Fast Five begins, right where 2009’s Fast and Furious ends – Dom (Vin Diesel) is convicted and being transported to prison. His sister Mia, now pregnant, and best pal Brian (Paul Walker) react to Dom’s sentence by doing what they do best – causing huge car crashes. This is pure popcorn entertainment at its very best and, besides one complaint, I loved every freakin’ frame of it. Its got really well-choreographed action, idiotic charm, and real stunt men doing real stunts. It’s the best bro-car movie since 2 Fast 2 Furious and the best of the franchise hands-down. It makes me want to do push-ups and pound a beer – at the same time!

After a news report states that NO ONE was hurt in the bus crash (seriously the thing flips like 11 times), we jump forward a few months to Rio, where Brian and Mia are hiding out. They get a gig from Dom’s ol’ buddy Vin (from the first Fast) stealing some DEA seized cars off a train. And BAM, Dom is there too. The job sours when it turns out that the Rio kingpin wants the cars and some DEA agents get shot. Is stealing DEA cars from a moving train ever easy?

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