Farel Dalrymple’s ‘The Wrenchies’ to drop this Fall. Waiting isn’t awesome.

The Wrenchies!!!

The Wrenchies is coming. Are coming? Grammar, man. Anyways. I’m one of those goons who didn’t come across Farel Dalrymple until his rocking work on Prophet. However, I’ve been feverishly following him since then. The talented son of a gun is releasing the aforementioned Wrenchies this Fall, and it’s going to be a brutal wait. The premise is intriguing, and the creator’s list of inspirations for the title is a veritable rundown of my favorite things.

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Casey, Farinas, Dalrymple, collection of other artists relaunching Jack Kirby comic ‘Captain Victory’

Captain Victory.

I say New Gods, yes! Joe Casey and a fucking squadron of Beast Mode artists are intent on relaunching a Jack Kirby classic for Dynamite Entertainment. I’ve never checked out the Kirby original, but jeepers is this endeavor stacked with talent. As Lenny Descartes says in Django The Slaver Slayer, “first I was eating pineapple, but now I’m excited.”

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (9.11.13) Die-Hard With A Vengeance

Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (9.11

One of the great things about comics is the medium’s penchant for reinterpretation and reinvention.  An endless catalogue of characters, fictitious and real, lie dormant in old books and film, waiting for another chance to tell their story.  Hit the jump and let’s discuss a few of those appearing in comics this week, and I PROMISE I won’t make another crappy Die Hard reference!

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When is ‘PROPHET’ too much ‘PROPHET’? Never.

Man, I got myself that throbbing tip for the Brandon Graham and company Prophet. Despite owning all the single-issues, I went and snagged myself the first collection. $10.00? All in one tidy place? Fuck bills, buy comics. Ripping open that Amazon box, I was all kid like and shit, as if I hadn’t read the series already. Fantastic.

[Interview] Farel Dalrymple – Prophet Comics

As a lifelong nerd, I occasionally delude myself into thinking that I’ve acquired superpowers. Truth be told, most of the time my faux-epiphanies are innocuous. So instead of jumping to my death in a moment of perceived super-flight, I just render myself nauseous after a hyper-metabolism delusion inspires me to eat fifty buffalo wings too many.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and I can’t disagree. I’m the type of moron that gives comic book fans a bad rap. But every now and then, my fantasies enable me to do something pretty rad.

For example, what would happen if I stopped thinking of myself as a hack-writer/petty-blogger? What if I started to believe that I could actually correspond with artists whose work I admire? And what if, in the midst of this Pepsi-drinkin’ daydream, I actually contacted someone in the hopes of sharing their words with the world?

Well, then we’d get a feature like the one I’m about to present — an interview with Farel Dalrymple.

As one of the founders of Meathaus, the creator of Pop Gun War, and one of the artists currently working on PROPHET with Brandon Graham, Farel Dalrymple is a comics creator worthy of respect and admiration. Despite his incredible workload, Mr. Dalrymple was gracious enough to respond to my semi-coherent questions. And this might just be the type of reinforcement that convinces that I do have superpowers after all.


Punch it into hyperspace to see Farel Dalrymple’s thoughts on comics anthologies, his current work, and even Type   O Negative.

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