‘Far Cry 5’ Trailer: Guns, Cults and Planes in Montana, coming on February 27, 2018

Official trailer for Far Cry 5 is here folks, and *I* am *stoked* to the brim. I love the series, I love the idea of taking on religious militias in the United States, and I love being chased by bears. A…a perfect union.

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‘Far Cry 5’ Teaser Trailer: Welcome To Hope County, Montana

I’m so fucking ready for some more Far Cry. So yeah, breh, you can imagine my geek glands fully torqued over here for this Far Cry 5 teaser trailer.

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‘Far Cry Primal’ Beast Master Trailer: Your Pets Are Your Weapons

‘Far Cry Primal’ revealed, takes place during Ice Age

Far Cry

Well. The next Far Cry is going to the Ice Age. Which, honestly, is sort of fine with me. I’ve always fucked with bows hardest in this franchise.

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Monday Morning Commute: Lowdown Sisyphus Up-Rock


Monday, motherfuckers. Another day at the beginning of another week. For those of us on the M-F Grind, Monday heralds yet another blitz through the whirling blades of the Existential Gauntlet. But fear not, friends. The Man has peppered our lives with another Meaningless Morsels to keep us just Fat, Happy, and Distracted Enough from pulling plugs and diving into stark abysses.

These are the Meaningless Morsels I’m enjoying this week. Please share your own.

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