‘Fallout 4’ Nuka-World DLC Trailer: Where The River’s Made of Quantum!

Fuck, I need to get back into Far Harbor. And uh, the rest of the Fallout 4 DLC.

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‘Fallout 4’ DLC News: Your Own Vault, Devices, and Nuka World

Fallout 4

Fuck. Man, I really need to get into playing the existing Fallout 4 DLC. ‘Cause Bethesda has already announced the next three, and with them the company continues to conspire to ruin my life. And I’ll thank them for it.

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‘Fallout 4’ Far Harbor DLC Trailer: Paid Our Dues In Blood & Bullets

I spent four months playing Fallout 4Four fucking months. Loved it. Love it. That said, I’m terrified about getting back into it with the release of Far Harbor. The game steals me, steals my mind, steals my heart. To escape once was lucky, may I escape twice? We shall find out, I suppose.

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‘Fallout 4’ Automatron DLC Trailer: Battle Bots In The Wasteland

Man. Just when I think I’m done with Fallout 4, Bethesda announces their first slice of DLC hits in eight days. But ha! I have the antidote for my Fallout 4 addiction! Yes! It’s uh, an addiction to another game. The Division.

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Bethesda announces a presser for E3 2016; most delicious!

‘Fallout 4′ Live-Action Trailer: Welcome Home!

Last year at their presser, Bethesda dropped Fallout 4. This game has gone on to amass hundreds upon hundreds of hours in my PS4. So while I don’t anticipate a reveal of *that* magnitude on a personal level, I’m stoked to see what they bring to their presser this year.

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