NASA finds evidence of “fresh ice” on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus! God bless the Snowball Moon!

nasa evidence fresh ice enceladus

NASA has found evidence of fresh ice on Enceladus, friends! And, you fucking guessed it, this could be good news for the potential for life on the moon.

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Space Swoon: Saturn’s moon Enceladus is a gorgeous crescent of icy fractures and furrows

saturn enceladus space image

Check out this gorgeous crescent capture of Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. That’s it, that’s all I got for you. Check it out, fuckers.

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NASA detects the conditions for life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

nasa conditions for life saturn moon enceladus

NASA is teasing some potentially enormous (ENORME!) findings on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. Like, you know, the conditions for life.

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Space Swoon: Saturn’s Moon Enceladus surfs its rings

Space Swoon: Saturn’s moon Enceladus wears its wrinkles with grace

Space Swoon: Three of Saturn’s Moons Take A Swell Group Photo

Space Swoon: Enceladus is a moon divided (by different hemispheres)

A tale of two

True story: I can’t spell Enceladus. I just cut and paste. Enceladus. Just cut and pasted that. Enceladus. And again! But I can appreciate this image of Enceladus (C+P), courtesy of Cassini.

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Saturn’s Moon Enceladus is covered in a futzing Global Ocean


Saturn’s moon got some water! Oh man, does it ever have some water. Like, an entire goddamn global ocean, beneath the surface. This is really goddamn staggering and glorious. All I have beneath the surface is anxiety and perhaps a slow rolling ride of perpetual depression. Go Enceladus!

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HIDDEN OCEAN on one of SATURN’S MOON has been discovered


Enceladus! You sly piece of shit. You thought that you could simply fucking hide an ocean underneath your frozen space bollocks. What other sort of surprises are you not revealing? You seem chock fucking full of them! First plumes of water vapor, now this? Not bad for a moon that was thought to be geologically inactive like a fucking decade ago.

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Saturn’s Enceladus is MOONING us beautifully. Get it? (I hate myself.)


Hey, it’s a gorgeous shot of Saturn’s sixth largest moon! Wee!

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