‘Mute’ Trailer: Duncan Jones’ Love Letter To Cyberpunk

Man, I still don’t know what Mute is about. Not only that, though, I really can’t tell if the movie is going to be any good. But, it’s fucking cyberpunk! And I really like Jones’ work on Moon and Source Code. So I’m pencilling myself in as “cautiously optimistic” and “mildly aesthetically aroused” for the time being.

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Duncan Jones’ cyberpunk movie ‘Mute’ hitting Netflix next month. ALL THE CYBERPUNK IN FEBRUARY, NETFLIX

duncan jones mute february

Netflix’s big beefy cyberpunk testicles are fucking swanging next month, friends. Not only are they debuting their Altered Carbon adaptation, but Duncan Jones’ own cyberpunk movie is dropping as well. I’m all about this, dudes.

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Duncan Jones’ ‘Mute’ Promo Images: That Tasty Cyberpunk Aesthetic

duncan jones mute promo images

Duncan Jones has been talking about his cyberpunk movie Mute forever. I’ve been wanting it forever. Now, now we’re getting delicious as fuck cyberpunk promo images, which confirm it’s coming. Oh, it’s coming. I’m coming. Are you coming?

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Duncan Jones’ Mute is going to be a Netflix release

duncan jones mute

I want Duncan Jones’ Mute. The filmmaker has been talking about making the flick since motherfucker put out Moon, many, many moons (pun?) ago. He’s been discussing it to the point where it doesn’t feel real. Not fucking real at all! But apparently the film *is* real, and Netflix is releasing it.

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‘Warcraft’ TV Spot: War(craft) is coming, duh

I feel obligated to see this movie, given how much of my life Warcraft sucked up and spit out back in the day. How about you?

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‘Warcraft’ Official Trailer: Orcs & Humans & Violence-based Group Therapy

Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard cast in Duncan Jones’ sci-fi movie ‘Mute’

Holy shit. For as long as OL has existed, have I ever been blathering about Duncan Jones’ dream project. The flick? A Blade Runner homage titled Mute. Through the years Jones has gone and done Source Code and Warcraft, and I had sort of written off ever seeing this movie. But! Now! It’s happening, and there are actual cast members.

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‘Warcraft’ Teaser Trailer: Orcs, Griffin, Horns, and Swords!

Teaser trailer for upcoming trailer-trailer of Warcraft.

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New ‘Warcraft’ Poster: Do You Like Obvious Imagery?

Duncan Jones wants to film ‘Mute’ before ‘Warcraft’ drops next summer

Duncan fucking Jones, ya'll.

Duncan Jones. Director of dope-ass Moon and fun-enough Source Code has talked about shooting a cyberpunk film for a hot minute. It seems like he was getting ready to actualize the product. And then Warcraft happened. But thankfully for those of us who have been holding out hope that the project will materialize, it seems Jones want to shoot Mute prior to Orcs and Wizards drops next year.

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