Dave Bautista teases ‘Blade Runner 2’ role with classic reference


Bro. Drax The Destroyer is up in Blade Runner 2? I fuck with it. But I’ll stop fronting: I’m down for anything Blade Runner 2 until its proven that it sucks. Which, for me, given the director, and the cast, will have to be in the theater.

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Marvel giving CM Punk writing duties on ‘Drax’ ongoing series


CM Punk has gone from writing installments in a Thor annual to getting his own ongoing series. The dude is quickly climbing the ranks of Marvel writers. Much like he did in #crappywrestlingreference but won’t find himself doing in #crappyMMAreference, no matter how hard he tries! #CrapFinish

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Dave (f**king DRAX) Bautista cast as ‘Bond 24’ villain


Good for fucking Dave Bautista, man. Dude was one of the biggest surprises in Guardians of the Galaxy for me, proving to be more than an ass-kicking wunderkind. Then news broke that he’s going to be all up in Avengers 3. And now the dude is going to be holding it down as the villain in Bond 24. Wonderful news for the Beefy One.

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Rumor: Drax The Destroyer holding down big role in ‘Avengers 3’


I fucking love the people who Guard the Galaxy movie. And while a lot of what I love about the movie was things I expected, I never anticipated loving Drax as much as I did. So if Marvel wants to stuff him (and frankly *all* the Guardians) into Avengers 3? Yes please.

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First ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ movie promo image is like A MOTLEY SPACE CREW.

Guardians of the Galaxy.

I say goddamn yeah! The first promo image for Guardians of the Galaxy has dropped. It features the ragtag gang of space fuckers all lined up. Probably being busted for drinking too much and letting Rocket pull his furry balls out in some intergalactic cantina.

Hit the jump to peep it.

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