ISS Astronaut After Seeing The Inside of SpaceX Dragon Capsule: Looks Like A “Sci-Fi Set”

The SpaceX Dragon capsule is all up at the ISS, being awesome. Holding court. One of the astronauts at the ISS has posted impressions of the capsule, and all indications is that it is super-swank mode.

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The SpaceX Dragon Capsule Has Docked With The ISS. This Rules.

SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule has  successfully  docked with the International Space Station. This is seventy shades of cool for us space-worshiping  lads and lasses.


SpaceX Making Another Launch Attempt Tomorrow At 3:44 AM EST

SpaceX had to cancel its attempted launch on Saturday at quite literally the last second. We ain’t talking the overused, played out notion of the word. They crushed the attempt with a second left, due to concerns over valves and uh, things. Tomorrow they’re going to give it another go.

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