ISS Astronaut After Seeing The Inside of SpaceX Dragon Capsule: Looks Like A “Sci-Fi Set”

The SpaceX Dragon capsule is all up at the ISS, being awesome. Holding court. One of the astronauts at the ISS has posted impressions of the capsule, and all indications is that it is super-swank mode.

Boing Boing:

André Kuipers, a Dutch physician and astronaut with the European Space Agency, was on board the ISS when the SpaceX Dragon vehicle berthed. He  took this photograph, and wrote,

Inside of the Dragon module. Beautiful. Spacious, Modern. Blue LEDs. Feels a bit like a sci-fi filmset. Of course it is from Los Angeles.

He wrote more about the historic space milestone  here, on his blog.

Last Friday was a special day on my mission. Don and I docked the SpaceX’s cargoship Dragon to the Space Station. Dragon brings new equipment for the crew. On the 31st of May it will return to Earth with supplies from the others and myself. The Dragon mission is the operational highlight of my mission. But it is also a milestone for international spaceflight. This is the first time that a commercial spacecraft has flown to the ISS and docked with the Station. You could say a new era of spaceflight has begun. Soon private companies will take people to and from space.

As the kids say, I am mad jelly.