Space Swoon: Iris Nebula is worth a good look! Get it? Iris? Eh!

nasa iris nebula

NASA’s dropped a sexy image of the Iris Nebula for our pleasure. And, it is a pleasure indeed!

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Astronomers claim they’ve spotted multiple bodies of liquid water on Mars. Get our asses there!

astronomers mars liquid bodies of water

Holy moly, motherfuckers! A group of Italian scientists claimed they’ve found liquid water on Mars. Like, multiple bodies worth. Fucking radical, man.

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Discovery of foul gas on Venus hints at possible presence of life. Possible, okay? But still rad!

venus gas discovery life

Hell yeah! There are signs of a possible presence of life on Venus. Now, we should probably pay attention to the word “possible”, right? I agree. But it’s still fun to get excited. I mean, no?

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Fastest star ever observed is moving so fast it is visibly warping spacetime. Holy Hell! Or rather, Holy Cosmos!

fastest star ever warping spacetime

Mammia fucking mia! The fastest star ever observed is moving so fast that it’s fucking visibly warping spacetime. Like, let that rattle around in your fucking simian-ass brains. Almost incomprehensible.

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Watch: Mars got a weird nightglow in its atmosphere that pulses three times a night. The Red Planet is wonderfully weird

You know, I wasn’t even aware of Mars’ nightglow in its atmosphere. But, I am now! Additionally, I also now know that motherfucker pulses three times a night. Awesome.

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Pluto and five moons have more water than Earth. Than fucking Earth! Wild.

pluto five moons water than earth

Pluto may not be a planet anymore, but it is fucking flexing on Earth. You see, it’s got more water than the Blue Marble. But, five moons do as well!

Hit the jump for a tasty infographic, friends.

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Longest known comet tail stretched for over a billion kilometers! A fucking billion!

longest known comet tail billion kilometres

Man, space is fucking huge. Incomprehensibly so. The latest example? This comet tail, which stretched for over a billion kilometers. Insane.

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Space Swoon: Hubble captures a gorgeous tapestry of thousands of stars. Fucking universe, man!

hubble tapestry of stars

Here’s a little batch of cosmic glory for you motherfuckers, on this Friday. It’s a gorgeous tapestry taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and captures thousands of stars. I said, thousands!

Hit the jump for the full glory and details!

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Astronomers find that some stars have a rhythmic pulsing not unlike a heartbeat. The fucking Cosmos pulses, yo!

astronomers stars heartbeat

Fucking astronomer wizards have done it again, folks. They’ve long been puzzled by the rhythmic pulses of a certain type of star, and now they’ve finally been able to cut through all the noise. To discover! Their beating hearts! Okay, okay. Not literally, but this is dope.

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NASA wants to chase Interstellar Objects using a fucking orbital slingshot. How goddamn bad ass!

Today, in fucking fantastic space exploration news? NASA wants to chase interstellar objects with an orbital slingshot. Gimme a fuck yeah!

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