In Japan, Domino’s has a pizza with two-pounds of cheese. The fuck we waiting for, United States?

dominos pizza japan two pounds cheese

A pizza with two-pounds of cheese? Such a concept is so utterly fucking American that I’m shook to my core that Japan got it first.

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Domino’s in New Zealand is ready for Drone Deliveries; the future is here


Anyone who says that America is unquestioningly the greatest country in the world has to at least pause, at least fucking *pause* when they make that statement, given this new development. Fucking Hobbits are going to be loading up DroneMonsters that shall fly through the sky, flinging goddamn pizzas into everyone’s gullets from on-high. I’m ashamed, ashamed we are not doing that yet here.

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Domino’s using *robots* to deliver pizzas in New Zealand


Nothing is going to scream post-apocalyptic RobotWasteland in a decade or so like your RobotPizzadeliveryMachine shooting you with its self-made laser cannon to kick off Their insurgency. I mean right?

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What fresh Hell.

How is Brazil beating the United States at what is so obviously our own game? The fuckers have created a wunder-disc, that upon heating up ends up smelling like a pepperoni pizza. ‘Cause…you know. You don’t want anything more during your viewing of Argo than to begin smelling burning sausage-nips inside your machinery.

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Domino’s Is Bringing Back The ‘Noid’ For A Week. Nostalgic Arousal Inc.

Showing my age here. Domino’s had a mascot way back in the day called the Noid. I remember this because I was little and he was something of an animated clay homunculus who sold my young brain on the idea of eating pizza. As well, I played a good amount of ‘Yo Noid!’, the video game based off of him by Capcom. By fucking Capcom. This week the Noid is back, and so is a video game featuring him. It’s all on Domino’s Facebook page, and my nostalgia is bringing me into a weepy state.

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