Weekend Open Bar: Lake of Fire

lake of fire

We are literally awash in Biblical Ass Shit these days, folks. Official term for the fires gnashing their away across Western portion of the Empire, and the Hurricanes engulfing the Eastern portion. The Earth’s melting, the boot of the Empire is stomping, and the Universe itself is dying. Thus, while there are bigger things to worry about than being late opening the Weekend Bar, I still feel bad. For if we can’t dance together as the Palaces burn, what can we do?

So, let’s hang out! Indulge in the chemicals and calories of your choice, pull up a chair, and shoot the shit with me.

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Long and Rambling Thoughts on the ‘Destiny 2’ Reveal from a ‘Destiny’ Addict

destiny 2 bungie announcement

I and four hundred thousand of my closest strangers huddled in front of our computer screens, anxiously awaiting the reveal of a “brand new experience” that had been hyped beyond belief. While grandiose claims and clever commercials are pretty much a staple for large title releases these days, this was the first time I had been so personally affected given just how much I have been invested in the original game. To establish some context, over the last three years I have spent 2,310 hours actively playing Destiny. I have completed over 309 raids, including 242 hard raids (where you can’t be revived if you die). The real number is considerably higher, but the game only records the first time you’ve completed each raid on each character each week, so it’s missing all the raids I’ve done for no loot to help someone else. I have played 4,158 PvP matches in the Crucible, where I have killed 47,166 guardians and been killed 49,662 times. Oh, and I am the 400th ranked Sparrow Racer in the entire world. *flex* Basically, while other adults are out under that burning sky-ball thingy in the company of other human beings, I am playing Destiny.

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‘Destiny 2’ Reveal: Check out all the trailers and details here

destiny 2 reveal trailers details

Bungie has blown the roof out with its Destiny 2 reveal, dropping all sorts of delicious morsels. The game is coming to Battle.net for the PC! It’s going to feature matchmaking! Weapon sets are changed! Check it out here.

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‘Destiny 2’ Reveal Trailer: Rally The Troops!

We’ve got the official Destiny 2 reveal trailer, folks! It’s capping off seven days or so that saw a leak, a confirmation, a teaser trailer, and now this.

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‘Destiny 2’ Teaser Trailer: The Last City Falls

The Last City, not unlike Destiny 2‘s marketing campaign, can be exploding like a motherfucker in the first trailer for the game. Last week we got a leak, yesterday we got a reveal, today we got a teaser, and Thursday we are getting a full trailer.

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Bungie Officially Announces ‘Destiny 2’

destiny 2 announcement

Bungie has announced Destiny 2. This obviously surprises no one, since a poster leaked last week.

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Leaked ‘Destiny 2’ Poster Reveals Sequel Arriving In September

destiny 2 activision 2017

Destiny 2, much like Destiny and its expansions, will be arriving in September. Hiding the poster after the jump only because of how fucking garish the image of it is.

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‘Destiny 2’ Coming This Year According To Activision

destiny 2 activision 2017

I’m excited for Destiny 2. The original was rocky out of the gate, but Bungie has more than found their footing since then. So a full, dedicated installment to learn all their lessons from developing the first? Nice.

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Sources: Destiny 2 also dropping on PC, will be “totally new game”

destiny 2 pc

We all know Destiny 2 is happening. Now we (sort of) know that it’s also going to be happening on PC. I can’t wait for the title, since all Bungie has done since dropping the initial installment is improve upon their franchise.

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‘Destiny 2’ coming in 2017; Expansion for original coming this year


It appears that Bungie is not done with the original Destiny. Despite reports that the game was being put on ice until its sequel being fairly common, Activision has announced the original title will be receiving an expansion this year. Maybe/probably/sort of because the sequel has been pushed back to next year?

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