Sunday Brew Review: Innis & Gunn Original

It’s only 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

While I don’t have to worry about stray probe droids or wampa attacks, I can’t help but feel like I’m trapped on Hoth. I keep starting my car, just to make sure that its hyperdrive hasn’t been deactivated. After all, I’m going to have to get the fuck out of the driveway once Vader and his crew roll up.

They don’t mess around.

Okay, so I don’t have to worry about the Dark Lord of the Sith tossing my dessicated corpse into a snowbank. But I also don’t have the benefit of taking a dip in a bacta tank. So how am I, a regular fanboy without any mastery of the Force, supposed to survive the frozen hell that is the Bostonian January?

Why, with the sweet warmth of alcohol! On this early Sunday afternoon, I’m tossing back a bottle of the oak-aged elixir that is Innis & Gunn Original.

C’mon Chewie, punch it!

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Video: Darth Vader Hangin’ Out In Women’s Rest Rooms

Listen!, are you really surprised that Darth Vader is doing Korean commercials? Do you have any idea how shitty government pay is? Especially when it’s the Emperor who decides raises? Dude has to make some cash on the side.

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Pee-Wee Herman and Darth Vader Are Droppin’ Jedi Heads. Ultimate Team-Up.

Enlarge. | Via.

Video: Vader’s ‘Nooooo!’ Inserted Into Classic Movies. T-Rex Goes Emo!

There’s a point where you need to begin to learn to laugh at the travesties. This video infuses classic movies with the horrendous Darth Vader “Nooooo!” which once was only in Ep. III but has since infiltrated The Trilogy.

It’s good shit.

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Face of a Franchise: Anakin Skywalker

[face of a franchise presents two individuals that’ve fulfilled the same role. your task — choose the better of the two and defend your choice in the rancor pit that is the comments section]

In 1977, moviegoers were introduced to Darth Vader – an evil, robotic space-samurai capable of manipulating an invisible shroud of mystical energy that blankets the entire universe. Oh, and he also has a goddamn laser-sword.

In 1999, Jake Lloyd was given the opportunity to play the childhood incarnation of Darth Vader – a little boy named Anakin Skywalker. Lloyd comes across as an overly-optimistic, stiff, terribly scripted, and ultimately unaffecting playground-dweller.

In 2002 and 2005, Hayden Christensen took hold of the reins as he played the part of teenyboppin’ pre-Vader. Through his performances, Christensen proves that the Dark Lord of the Sith was once an unnecessarily moody, stiff, terribly scripted, and ultimately unsympathetic teenager.

It’s a question none of us want to think about…

Who’s better – Jake Lloyd or Hayden Christensen?

I can’t wait to see the comments on this one.

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