‘Dark Souls 3’ Trailer: Dungeon Murder Meets…Cyndi Lauper?

‘Dark Souls 3’ Opening Cinematic: The Lords Will Abandon Their Thrones

Man, I ain’t never fucked with the Dark/Demon Souls franchise. Just out of a lack of time, not interest. But this trailer, which is every bit as gorgeous as one of them-there Blizzard cinematics, certainly has me intrigued. How about you? Digging the cinematic? Dig the franchise? HMU/LMK, bruh.

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‘Dark Souls III’ Announce Trailer: Misery Comes In Threes

Report: ‘Dark Souls 3’ to be announced at E3

sanity breaker

The third installment of the soul-crushing, mind-breaking, somehow rewarding Dark Souls series is getting announced at E3. That is, if you believe the Winds of Rumor.

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