‘Dark Souls 3’ Opening Cinematic: The Lords Will Abandon Their Thrones

Man, I ain’t never fucked with the Dark/Demon Souls franchise. Just out of a lack of time, not interest. But this trailer, which is every bit as gorgeous as one of them-there Blizzard cinematics, certainly has me intrigued. How about you? Digging the cinematic? Dig the franchise? HMU/LMK, bruh.


Dark Souls 3 arrives in North America later this spring, but publisher Bandai Namco has teased fans of the From Software series with the first few minutes of the game. Watch the darkly fantastical opening cinematic in full above.

The scene hints at the dim, grueling, mysterious setting that Dark Souls fans will occupy this time around. Compared to previous entries in the series —€” and its relative,Bloodborne, which launched on PlayStation 4 last year —€” players will have the chance to explore even more of that world.

We ran through some of the environments back at E3 2015, and checked out further changes that From Software is introducing to the third Dark Souls game at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Recently, new gameplay footage showed that not everything is totally new, however; quick stepping, a key mechanic in Bloodborne, will be available in Dark Souls 3 as well.