Lucha Libre Rises [Ramon Villalobos]

Yes, that is awesome.

Check out artist Ramon Villalobos.

The Dark Knight Rises – It Rises, It Rises, It’s Risen, It’s Here

[Caff note: spoilers abound in the post-article comments area. You were warned. As well, Omega-Level sends out love, thoughts and best-wishes to everyone grappling with the DKR midnight shooting tragedy in Colorado]

How is anything supposed to follow The Dark Knight?  Nolan’s trilogy ender will reap enormous numbers of attendees and box office dollars solely based on people wanting another TDK.  Another round of dark, violent and unpredictable chaos in Gotham.  Another villain as jarringly memorable as Ledger’s Joker.  And another story that transcends comic roots and becomes lovingly embraced by the mainstream as a ‘crime saga’.

This might hurt your appreciation of Rises as it nearly did mine.  In so many ways, this film feels like a direct sequel to Batman Begins.  It notably takes the few elements it needs from the trilogy’s second chapter – Harvey Dent’s ‘legacy’, Rachel’s death and Bruce’s need to pass the mantle on – and forgets about the others, rejoining the stream Begins established seven years ago.

It’s awesome that the film feels like a much more appropriate bookend to Nolan’s trilogy in that regard.  My fear was that the runaway success and rampant permeation of the Joker and TDK into popular culture would mean that everything about Rises would follow from, and be influenced by TDK, and only TDK.  Not so.  Not so at all.  I’m definitely still a little dizzy off the high of the midnight venture to see this, and I’m sure I missed many more vital connections to TDK, so take his all as a sleep-deprived first gut reaction.

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Monday Morning Commute: murder the cubs.

Old hands to the back, newcomers to the front. This here’s an introduction and I want to make sure there ain’t no damn confusion! My name is Rendar Frankenstein and I’m a hack-writer, born-again optimist, and caffeine junkie.

It ain’t a perfect life, but I like it just fine.

The quaint piece of scrap metal I’m currently tryin’ to lodge into your brain is the Monday Morning Commute! I’m goin’ to show you the various bits of entertainment I’ll be pouring milk over and chompin’ on in the hopes of warding off ennui-illness. Then, you hit up the comments section and tell us what you’ll be doin’ for esses and gees.

It’s a big, sweaty, nerd-based version of show’n’tell.

Let’s dance.

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Goddamn Mondo and their gorgeous posters. Jock has dropped a Dark Knight Rises one for them, and it’s the truth. Baked in glory.

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‘DARK KNIGHT RISES International TV Spot: This Movie Will Break Me

I have absolutely no doubt this movie is going to leave me with taut nipples from ridiculous action and watery eyes from whatever ending Nolan has drummed up.

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‘THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’ MTV FOOTAGE Finally Officially Online. Cyeah.

The blood-filled-dong-inducing Dark Knight Rises trailer that dropped at the MTV Movie Awards is finally online in an official capacity. Jesus Lord, it’s getting close. I can barely handle it.

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NEW ‘DARK KNIGHT RISES’ TV SPOT: The Bat and Cat Have Witty Banter

Oh gosh I’m totally sold on Wayne and Kyle kicking ass together. It’s just a combination of hope and projection, but everything they’ve shown with the two has the chemistry (and my groin) throbbing.

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‘DARK KNIGHT RISES’ TV Spot: Wayne’s Back In The Game

New Dark Knight Rises TV spot has our boy Wayne imploring Lucius Fox to get him back into the game. Cannot fucking wait.

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New ‘DARK KNIGHT RISES’ Concept Art Tickles My Batwing. Puns. Everywhere.

Here’s some Dark Knight Rises concept art copped from an upcoming book all about the Brooding Bat flicks. Quasi-spoilerish material afoot, but nothing that you haven’t seen if you’ve caught one of the million TV spots inundating the air waves as the Hype Machine rises up.

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