Marvel teases new project from Steve McNiven & Cullen Bunn


I like Steve McNiven. I like Cullen Bunn. I am excited for this reveal. Despite that, I’m skeptical that my fraud-ass will end up reading it.

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‘Battlestar Galactic’ comic being relaunched at Dynamite Entertainment


I probably won’t read the Battlestar comic. That said, I imagine it is going to be considerably better than whatever the Bryan Singer-produced movie reboot is going to puke up. I mean, Cullen Bunn and Alex Sanchez rule. But I’m hesitant to overwrite my fond, fond memories of the RDM. This is more a personal flaw than anything.

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MAGNETO snagging his own series next March. Synergy ++


If a comic book movie comes out, and a character from it doesn’t get their own monthly on-going series, does the tree make a sound? Well — well? Does it?

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