‘Valfaris’ Trailer: A game that answers the question, what if ‘Contra’ was even MORE FUCKING METAL?!

Aiight, we got Blazing Chrome coming out literally next week. But, that ain’t gonna be the end of  the Contra love letters this year. Place your eyeballs upon this metal-as-fuck game, Valfaris. Holy shit, yes.

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Mondo bringing beautiful ‘Contra’ and ‘Castlevania’ posters exclusively to SDCC

contra poster sdcc

Man, fuck. There aren’t many times lately when I wish I was attending SDCC. The entire apparatus has grown wildly out of control, mutating into a bloated pop culture hype machine. That said, watch in amusement at how quickly I contradict myself, since I really wish I was going this year to snag these gorgeous Mondo posters for Castlevania and Contra. Or, I suppose, attempt to snag them, given how quickly exclusives sell out.

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‘Contra’ Arcade Ad from 1987 is about the important things in life

Dude HACKS ‘CONTRA’ ROM to PROPOSE to girlfriend. Nerd Legend.


This dude is doubling down on a fantastic life. Not only has he received a promise of love for eternity from his now-fiance, but he is blowing up across the internet thanks to his marriage proposal. This dude is living the fucking dream.

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Creator Of The ‘Konami Code’ Talks About Its Origin.

Either you know the Konami Code, or you’re adrift in geek lore mediocrity. Ever wonder why it was the specific code it was? Neither did I. Get educated anyways.

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Video: Contra x Paperboy Mash-Up! ‘Cause No One Respects Your Route.

The mash-up that everyone didn’t clamor for, but I’m glad arrived. The motherfuckin’ Contra take to the streets of Paperboy to hold shit down.

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Konami Teases New ‘Contra’ In Pre-E3 Presentation. Hell Yes!

Contra. A stalwart fixture in my gaming childhood. What the fuck my parents were doing letting me run around with enormous machine guns and blast alien hearts is beyond me, but I’m glad that they were so oblivious to the rockitude they bought for me. At Konami’s E3 presentation, they teased more Contra. Oh yes.

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