‘Valfaris’ Trailer: A game that answers the question, what if ‘Contra’ was even MORE FUCKING METAL?!

Aiight, we got Blazing Chrome coming out literally next week. But, that ain’t gonna be the end of  the Contra love letters this year. Place your eyeballs upon this metal-as-fuck game, Valfaris. Holy shit, yes.


Valfaris is the latest game from from the team behind Slain: Back from Hell, and in the new trailer that was shown during the E3 PC Gaming Show, it looks like the game is going to have a lot of monsters.

Valfaris is a direct follow-up to Slain. Like its predecessor, it is a 2D side-scrolling action game set somewhere in the far off reaches of space where players will have to fight off hoards of horrific monsters. These space creatures include flying, slithering, and crawling aliens that spit all kinds of acid and have plenty of ways to kill you. Thankfully, for defense, you’ll have a giant gun and a variety of other tools.

Valfaris was originally announced all the way back at E3 2017, so it’s been a long time in the making. The newest trailer that was shown at the PC Gaming Show didn’t have any release date; however, it did say that the game can be added to your Steam wishlist. On Steam, the release date for Valfaris is currently listed as 2019, though we didn’t get any official confirmation of that.