Cosplay: Commander Shepard got that Reaper lurkin’

Cosplay: Dragon Age x Commander Shepard for the win

Dragon Age! Shepard!

Taking a brief (BRIEF) reprieve from my The Force Awakens Seminal Fluid Tidal Wave to post this batch of dope cosplay. Take the future BioWare extravaganza and focus it through the delicious lens of Dragon Age.

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‘MASS EFFECT 4’ features NO SHEPARD. Will still feel like ‘MASS EFFECT.’

Mass Effect.

Despite the ending. I miss Mass Effect. I miss the fucking Citadel. I miss biotics. I miss the Universe. A lot. So Jesus Christ BioWare, give me something to get a Mass Erection over.

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Commander Shepard Hasn’t Recorded Any New ‘MASS EFFECT 3’ Dialogue. For Now.

BioWare has promised the groaning, miserable legions of Mass Effect 3  detractors a new ending. What they haven’t promised is a release date for this new ending, or told them what the ending would contain. As well, if there’s going to anything with Shepard in this new ending, one of the voice actors isn’t any wiser than we are about it.

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BioWare: Commander Shepard’s Story Done With ‘Mass Effect 3’. Makes Sense.

BioWare has come out and made official what I had assumed: Commander Shepard’s place in the Mass Effect universe will be completed with the final installment of their first trilogy. A single tear slides down my cheek in commemoration of the good lass I’ve spent so many hours with.

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