ALEX ROSS drops new ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ and ‘X-MEN’ ART for Comic-Con

the team!

CONTROVERSIAL COMMENT: I think Alex Ross can sit on it. Sit on what? A fucking firecracker that I’ve tricked him into thinking is a prostate massager. I find the dude pretentious, dismissive, and the rocker (at least in the past) of a ridiculous ponytail. That batch of pointless, self-condemning hate aside, I find his artwork gnarly. Here’s some new artwork of his.

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Marvel Ending NINE TITLES In October As MARVEL NOW! Kicks Off. Groan. They’ll Be Back.

Marvel is ending nine goddamn titles this October as their Marvel NOW! initiative gets underway. Goddamn ridiculous. Half of these titles have already been ended in the past year or so. How many #1 issues can Captain America or Invincible Incredible Wonderful Iron Man have?

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BRIAN WOOD Heading Up ‘STAR WARS’ Comic For Dark Horse. This Is Incredible.

Brian Wood doing a Star Wars comic book, set during the Original Trilogy? Be still my fucking heart.

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