Cosplay: Never Enough WONDER WOMAN. Never.


Some more Wonder Woman cosplay up in the house! I’m particularly smitten with the battle armor-powered Wonder Woman cosplay that seems to be more popular these days. Hell yeah. (What a wonderfully unremarkable bit of prose in here, I know.)

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There is a good chance that this is the cosplay that finally breaks me. I shudder, staring at it. Drinking in the glorious latex. Murmuring to myself about the absurdity of the Lady Deadpool riding an inflatable dragon. Knowing very well that I will never be able to experience such a scenario first hand. Feeling my psyche shatter with disappointment. And rage.

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Cosplay: ARMORED WONDER WOMAN looks ready for battle, not the beach. Practicality++

The audacity of protecting herself!

Take the headline as a compliment. I love seeing Wonder Woman cosplay where she appears done up and ready for battle, not rolling deep and anticipating flashing butt hole at her foes.

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Cosplay: World War II-Stylee WONDER WOMAN is retro rock.

Cosplay: Latex-clad WASP from Dragon*Con has the dry cleaners avenging my underoos.

These pictures of Wasp by Anna Fischer just ain’t fair.

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Cosplay: CAITLIN FAIRCHILD from ‘GEN 13’ is the source of my teenage feelings.

I wish I could successfully elaborate on how many times a rogue right hand of mine touched my crotch over Caitlin Fairchild when I was a teenager. God bless this throwback. Hit the jump for the glory.

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Cosplay: Batman’s New Anti-Bro TALON Haunts Up Comic Conventions

Yes, I may have just forged the phrase “anti-bro” to describe someone decidedly not your bro, but that is not what is important here. Check out Talon, the monster-child of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, haunting not just the pages of the relaunched Batman, but also comic conventions everywhere.


Cosplay: “New 52” Supergirl Gives My Knees The Kryptonite Sickness With Some Thickness

I’m diggin’ on this cosplay playing up the New 52 Supergirl vibe. She’s got some thickness to her, a welcome addition in a world of frail bodies and emaciated legs. Super, indeed! (Couldn’t help myself there.)

Cosplay: POISON IVY Has You Looking At Her Chest Lettuce. (Chest Lettuce? WTF?)

Man that pun made so much sense because uh poison ivy is green and so is lettuce and wait they’re both vegetables except fuck no they’re not. Ah, whatever. Just look at the cosplay and leave me alone. The glory is  cosplayed by  drummerina. Photographed by Edoardo del Gaudio.

Cosplay: Lady Captain America BODY PAINT Gets My Stars Spangled. (NSFW?)

It’s Friday. Midday here on the Eastern portion of the United States. Dammit, we’ve earned  this! The lovely  Samantha Star   is all did up in Captain America body paint and all of a sudden the looming weekend seems a bit closer.

Hit the jump for the glory.

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