Some Tool Bid $1,725 For Early Copy Of ‘Modern Warfare 3’ On eBay. Patience, People.

Kmart done fucked up and started selling some copies of Modern Warfare 3 early. This was seemingly enough to send CoD fanboys and fangirls into the throes of insanity, as one has bid a ludicrous amount of money on an early copy.

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‘Modern Warfare 3’ Already Stolen From Shipping Company, Pirated.

No one actually thought that the street date for Modern Warfare 3 would arrive without its digital bites and bytes already slathered across torrent sites, right? In fact with something like ten days to go, I’m surprise it hasn’t happened before this. MW3’s on the internet. Hide yo kids, et cetera.

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Video: ‘Modern Warfare 3’ Single-Player Trailer Drops.

Despite the overwrought voice-over (which I love), the cheesy guitar chords (which I love) and the tired looking engine (which I don’t care about), this trailer gets me fucking stoked. Hardened Edition: ordered, ya’ll.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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Get Double XP In ‘Modern Warfare 3’ From Mountain Dew and Doritos. No, Seriously.

Earlier today when commenting on the demise of the creator of Doritos, I remarked that they formed a perfect synergy with Mountain Dew. An unbreakable teflon bond that empowers the geek who smashes together the two ingredients. And in a bit of marketing genius/horror, both the products will allow you to double your XP in Modern Warfare 3.

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Infinity Ward vs. Activision Finally Gets A Court Date.

The ongoing legal spat between Infinity Ward founders  Jason West and Vincent Zampella and Activision has finally gotten itself a court date. Thank goodness! After all the posturing and hair-pulling, I was beginning to think it would never get locked in endless litigation or whatever goes on in there them courtrooms.

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Activision Seizes ‘ModernWarfare3.com’ from Battlefield Fan. Corporate Pigs!

Remember earlier this summer when we were all LOLing about the fact that ModernWarfare3.com redirected to the official Battlefield webpage? And how it was being done by a vengeful Battlefield fanboy? All that fun is over! Thanks to Activision and its corporate cronies and big wig lawyers!

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‘Call of Duty’ Mountain Dew Gets You Double XP. Wut! Made For Me.

Motherfuckers at the Call of Duty XP WunderFragFest over the weekend got a black goodie bag which contains something not belonging to them. No sir. The lads and lasses got a Call of Duty-theme Mountain Dew, which gives them access to double xp. Is there anything more designed for this guy right here?

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Call of Duty Elite ‘Premium’ To Cost $50 Yearly, Contain Things. Thoughts?

So yesterday I was running around like an asshole doing stuff for the forthcoming semester when Call of Activision unveiled their Premium Call of Fragging Elite service whatever. Finally. In the flesh. It contains a bunch of stuff. Hit the jump for specifics.

Leave your thoughts.

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Modern Warfare 3 ‘Hardened Edition’ To Include Year-long Elite Membership. Hmm.

The details for Modern Warfare 3’s ‘Hardened Edition’ have leaked, and for $80 you can snag yourself a long list of bullshit. Something  that may make it worth purchasing for me however is the year-long subscription to Call of Duty: Elite.

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Kanye West and Dropkick Murphys Playing ‘Call of Duty’ Convention. Douche Conglomerate.

While I love Call of Duty, it is a scientific fact that the majority of people you meet online playing it are probably rotting choads. It makes sense then that Activision is gathering their own armada of musician choads to play the Call of Duty XP: Give Us More Money Experience convention.

Kanye West. Dropkick Murphys.


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