Clive Barker has joined on as executive producer of that ‘Hellraiser’ series on HBO and now I’m fucking excited

clive barker executive producer hbo hellraiser series

I was skeptical as fuck about the upcoming Hellraiser series on HBO. However, now I’m a little more optimistic. The series has gained Clive Barker himself as executive producer. Like, I don’t know if that dude has his fastball anymore. Look at the Greatest American Director of All Time John Carpenter signing off on 2019’s mediocre-as-fuck Halloween movie. But, it’s a start. You know?

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Clive Barker’s ‘Books of Blood’ is adapted into movie for Hulu and arriving in time for Halloween!

clive barker books of blood hulu movie

Clive Barker is undeniably the fucking best, dudes. And so it is with a stellar, promising boner that I convey this news. His six-volume series of short horror stories is being adapted into a movie for Hulu. Wait, it gets better! Motherfucker is arriving October 7.

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