Revealed: Star-Lord’s new look for his Marvel NOW! comic relaunch


Christ, I may have to dip back into a Marvel monthly comic (outside of Moon Knight). Not only is Star-Lord getting a title in the upcoming Marvel NOW! relaunch, but the title is being written by Chip Zdarsky. Not only is the title being written by Chip Zdarsky, the artwork and Star-Lord redesign is being handled by the filthy talented Kris Anka.

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Fraction, Zdarsky, and Wu announce new comic, ‘THE RECIDIVIST’

annie wu

How the fuck was this buried by the comic book news? You know! The ones that enter the news bits initially into the fucking echo chamber?! For me to pick-up? Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky, and Annie Wu are teaming up for a new superhero comic.

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Chip Zdarsky auctioning rare ‘Star Wars’ variant to help Syrian refugee family

Star Wars - Zdarsky

Chip Zdarsky is auctioning off a rare (one in 4,999!) Star Wars cover of his to help get a Syrian refugee family to Toronto.

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Chip Zdarsky’s ‘Secret Wars’ #1 variant is the party starter

Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor drop gorgeous ‘Sex Criminals’ prints


Sex Criminals has a second trade paperback. It’s got a goddamn television show in the works. Why shouldn’t the comic series also have a couple of gorgeous prints from Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor? There is no fucking reason! Both of these prints are equally appealing to the eye-socket mush, but Cloonan’s is a sultry slice of NSFW.

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Chip Zdarsky’s Zack Snyder/The Joker Tweet Wins Everything

Chip Zdarsky

Chip Zdarsky isn’t just fucking crushing it as the artist on Sex Criminals. He’s also one of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow. Madness, madness everywhere! And while I cry at what Snyder is doing to the DCU, at least Zdarsky could make me laugh for a moment.

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Sex Criminals.

Hotsauce, am I missing something by not snagging Sex Criminals? I browsed the first issue and wasn’t blown away. But I mean, it’s Fraction and Zdarsky. And as this cover for the fourth printing of the title’s first issue (buh?) proves, these two are fucking amazing.

Hit the jump to check out the cover.

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