Apple orders comedy from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day

apple comedy charlie day rob mcelhenney

Two of the men behind one of my favorite shows ever are creating a comedy for Apple. While this is pretty cool, it’s yet another fucking streaming service I’m going to have to get involved with.

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The best.

This is the True Detective Season 2 that we deserve — nay, need.

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Charlie Day!

File under: if only the movie didn’t make like $7.  At some point, somewhere, in his beautiful mind, Guillermo Del Toro wanted Charlie Day to be the villain of the second Pacific Rim. I can see it. Fanboy kaijuu guy turns mad scientist guy person thing. Here is hoping the movie continues to draw overseas, and Del Toro still has this trajectory in mind.

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‘ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA’ will END with SEASON 10. I understand. I frown.


…There comes a point where a television show is better off riding into the sunset than withering before our eyes. Some would argue that IASIP has already reached that withered point. I wouldn’t. Sure, it can’t come close to its mid-run form, but it is a welcome fuzzy feeling every autumn. With Glenn Howerton announcing that the show will end after its tenth season, I both understand and simultaneously frown.

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‘PACIFIC RIM’ CES TRAILER: The Apocalypse is cancelled with even more technology.

Pacific Rim! More footage! What more do you need?

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New ‘PACIFIC RIM’ photo features Elba, Kikuchi, and a war room.

Hey! Do you want an inconsequential picture of the promising 2013 jam, Pacific Rim? Then you’re in the right location, you fucks. My sheer excitement for this film outweighs the insubstantial nonsense of it all.

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‘PACIFIC RIM’ TRAILER: The Apocalypse is a Fanboy Orgasm.

The veil has finally been pulled back on Guillermo del Toro’s robot and monsters flick, Pacific Rim. And what lurks behind said veil is a collection of fanboy tropes set to push the good lot of us into the throes of back-arching bliss. Giant robots, more gianter (shh) monsters, karate, epic speeches. It’s a collection of everything that used to grease my groin back in my more formative years. My body is ready.

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Monday Morning Commute: rocket-burns and moonshine dreams

Welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! This is the feature I use as an excuse to showcase the various debris that’ll be keeping my brain-bone lubricated so as to avoid jamming up at the hands of the workweek. Some Mondays, I write a little story beforehand as a creative writing exercise and preface the post with it. On other Mondays, I start the post by jotting down an amusing anecdote

And then there’re those Mondays when I’m so tired that my eyes are burning and I don’t have any goddamn coffee filters so kickstarting my creativity with a caffeine-defibrillator isn’t an option and all I want to do is pass out and wake up in 2013 so that I can laugh at all those fucking doomsayers and tell them that their apocalypse wasn’t even worth being awake for.

Guess what kind of Monday today is.

Quit’yer dinkin’ around, let’s do this.

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