Views From The Space-Ship: Chimichangas For The Soul

Here you go, fuckers! Some chimichangas for the soul! What exactly does that mean? Why, like usual, I got no fucking idea. I suppose I’m about to share some proverbial chimichangas! For your fucking soul! Cause the bless the Eldritch Ones, nothing makes my stomach glow like the deep, chaotic cheesiness of a chimichanga hitting my guts. So why shouldn’t the proverbial ones have the same effect on one’s soul? Fucking Hell, am I even making any sense? Does it even matter!



Fucking no!

This is my goddamn Space-Ship, and you’re lucky I’m even wearing my ass-cloak and socks today. Be grateful you’re not staring at the dark, haunting plumage of my ass hairs as I bend over to snag a Diet Dew from the 3D-Printer adjacent to your bunk.

That’s one view you’re not getting here on the Space-Ship! But hit the jump to check out the ones you are getting, and share your own in the comments.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Drink It In, Man

drink it in, man

Drink it in, mannn! My existence! Drink in these views from the degenerated meat-halls through which I walk in the TangiVerse. After all these views I’m proffering are the very point of this weekly post, Desktop Thursdays. I didn’t hit you folks up last week, as I was in Nova Scotia throwing Nana’s urn into the marsh. It is a necessary Acadian tradition, through which you unleash a fallen Acadian Village Shaman’s corporeal form, so they may walk the Omniverse with their fellow brother and sister shamans.

So this week it’s a heavy dose of Nova Scotia action and of course, my stupid fucking dog and cats.

I beseech you to share looks into your own lives in the comments section. Or don’t, you dirty little voyeurs.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Blog-Based Entropy


It’s Thursday! That can only mean one thing! Uh. The resurrection of a column from bygone days. Views From The Space-Ship. In an effort to generate that wanky, let’s all piss together holding one another’s genitals-type inclusive vibe, I share sights and sounds from my virtual and real world. Then I ask you to do the same. It’s like Instagram, but not as cool. Or inhabited. Or frequented. Or even acknowledged. But fuck I’m busy lately, so here’s something about me. In picture form. Hope you share too.

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GOOGLE X Creates 16,000 Core ‘NEURAL NETWORK’ That Learns On Its On. ON ITS OWN.

Motherfucking robots might as well just crack open the cyber-chamapagne now. They’ve got the keys to our kingdom. Hey, let’s just create independent-learning neural networks. Certainly, right now it just figured out a cat. Sure, sure. Well know where it’s heading.

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