BioWare Studio Head and ‘Dragon Age’ producer both leave studio. Man, they’re fucking cursed!

bioware studio head and dragon age producer both leave studio

Well, I was excited for the new Mass Effect and Dragon Age games. But that was before Casey Hudson left the studio. Fucking again. As well, Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah has departed the studio. Just bleeding motherfuckers! Bleeding! Motherfuckers. Got me concerned.

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‘Mass Effect’ lead Casey Hudson is returning to BioWare, please god fix the series I beg you

casey hudson mass effect bioware return

Former Mass Effect lead Casey Hudson is returning to BioWare to serve as the company’s general manager. Hudson. Please. I beg you. Unfuck Mass Effect.

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‘Mass Effect’ lead Casey Hudson joins Microsoft for Xbox and HoloLens work

Casey Hudson.

I mean…No matter what he does, the HoloLens couldn’t ever possibly be lamer than the ending to Mass Effect 3, right? Maybe? #LetItGoCaffLetItGo

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New BIOWARE FRANCHISE coming from ‘KOTOR’ and ‘MASS EFFECT’ creators. Bio-Boner.


It’s neat enough that the Gears of Bro: Judging You producer is helming the Mass Effect franchise. It’s even neater that this is freeing up the creators of the series to strike out into a new franchise. A new world! A whole new world, filled with dialogue choices and reputation systems!

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Casey Hudson: Should next ‘MASS EFFECT’ take place BEFORE or AFTER Shepard’s mission?

BioWare’s Lead Satisfied With Himself Director Casey Hudson recently asked if we, the fans, would prefer the next installment of Mass Effect to take place before or after the Shepard Saga. Bro, here’s a fucking option: have some conviction about something. Holy shit. Between polling for Dragon Age 3, changing the ending to Mass Effect 3 (it sucked, but you caving sucks more) and now this, I’m flummoxed. Does the dude have any inspiration? Or is he and the rest of BioWare running around trying to jerk off every fan? I mean, Jesus Christ. I thought the thirteen different play styles they stuffed into ME3 was indicative of them losing their creative way, but this poll is ridiculous to me. Make an excellent piece of software, and leave it to us monkey-minded proles to decide if we like it. Craft a narrative that you find engaging, and then leave it up to us to either agree or disagree with your vision.

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BioWare Montreal working on ‘MASS EFFECT’ game, and it runs on Frostbite.

My first response is “Ah, dog shit! Why isn’t BioWare proper working on the next Mass Effect game?” Then I recall the steaming shit they slithered down my throat at the conclusion of the first trilogy, and everything doesn’t seem so awful.

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‘MASS EFFECT’ getting WHOLE NEW GAME plus the DLC, ‘OMEGA.’ Doi!

Wouldn’t you know it. A zillion-dollar franchise like Mass Effect isn’t finished, even after shitting down its leg in its final installment. More stories to tell. More money to make.

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‘MASS EFFECT 3’ Producer Promises “NEW CONTENT” To Bring “CLOSURE”. The Sound Of Back Peddling Feet.

Mass Effect  producer Casey Hudson has finally addressed the herds of people who are bat-tits crazy with hate for the Mass Effect 3  ending. In commenting on them, he promises more content (for a fucking price!, obviously) that will help bring closure to “more passionate” fans.

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Legendary Pictures Bringing ‘Mass Effect’ Movie Panel To Comic-Con.

Legendary Pictures is tasked with bringing a beloved fucking glorious video game franchise of mine to the flickering, silver, something, something, screen. This project of theirs sn’t something on the back burner. Oh no. In fact, there’s going to be a panel for the Mass Effect movie at Comic-Con.

Jealousy of attendees. Rising.

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Mass Effect 3 To Allow For Same-Sex Relationships. About Time.

Wait, wait, wait! Stop the presses. So a franchise that allows for the player to design their own character and make essentially sculpt the fate of a galaxy is going to allow us to choose a sexual orientation? About fucking time.

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