Mass Effect 3 To Allow For Same-Sex Relationships. About Time.

Wait, wait, wait! Stop the presses. So a franchise that allows for the player to design their own character and make essentially sculpt the fate of a galaxy is going to allow us to choose a sexual orientation? About fucking time.


Mass Effect Executive Producer Casey Hudson has confirmed that the final installment of the trilogy will finally allow a male Shepard to know the touch of another man. Hudson tweeted over the weekend that  Mass Effect 3 will support “wider options for love interests,” including same-sex for male and female characters “reactive to how you interact with them in-game.”
Previous installments of the stellar, interstellar saga allowed Shepard to participate in male/female, lesbian and Asari tentacle-head encounters. The  omission of a gay pairing for Shepard became even harder to reconcile when BioWare’s  Dragon Age series allowed players the freedom to define the sexual orientation of their protagonists.

In interviews, BioWare heads Drs. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have been responsive to the subject. “The team has its perspective,” Muzyka told us during February’s  DICE meeting. “When they created the character, when they defined him. We’re pretty open to how the team wants to define their characters. We go with what they like.”

Late, but pretty cool.