‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer: More Ultraviolent Meta Merriment!

I’ve been waiting for this trailer for a good goddamn while, my dudes. And, it doesn’t disappoint in the the fucking slightest. We got some meta shots at Justice League, a weird self-referential look at Cable’s arm, and a tease of David Leitch’s brand of action. Let’s go!

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‘Deadpool 2’ News: Josh Brolin’s Cable looks jacked, armed, and covered in pouches in first official photos

deadpool 2 josh brolin cable photos

Today, Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2 is my everything. Hit the jump for another look.

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‘Deadpool 2’ News: Josh Brolin cast as Cable

deadpool 2 josh brolin cable

The long, winding, seemingly infinitely circuitous journey to cast Cable is over. None other than Josh Brolin will be playing Nathaniel Summers.

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‘Deadpool 2’ News: Michael Shannon Frontrunner For Cable

deadpool 2 michael shannon cable

Another week, another batch of Cable casting news. This week’s frontrunner? Michael Shannon! Do I buy it? Yes! But! Only because the movie’s very writers have teased an announcement is coming soon.

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‘Deadpool 2’ Screen Tests ‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour For Cable

david harbour cable deadpool 2

Hopper as Cable? Where can I sign the fuck up for this? C’mon, Deadpool 2. Don’t get us excited for nothing.

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Netflix To Have More Subscribers Than Cable By 2017

netflix cable subscribers

Apparently by 2017, Netflix is going to have more subscribers than cable. This is one of those factoids I wish I was smart enough to analyze. Instead, though, I’ll just shake my head emptily like a good Modern Citizen, and Marvel.

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Rob Liefeld wants Jon Hamm for Cable; provides artwork to make his case

Jon Hamm

Rob Liefeld is a man-child of infinite splendor, a man whom I can look up to for inspiration and pouches. The BoyGenius weighed in last night on Jon Hamm’s Golden Globes win, using the time to stump for the actor to play Cable. I mean, this shit ain’t ever going to happen. But we can dream.

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Cosplay: This Cable from ‘X-Men’ is techno-organically gorgeous

Cosplay: Rule 63 Cable proves Hope (Summers) springs eternal

No big deal.

Rule 63 Cable. Baby Hope Summers. Just rolling around. No big deal, at all. Though I have to say running around with a baby on your chest whilst defending its life with giant ass guns is probably not the best idea. Not a knock on the cosplay, though. Just on Nathan Summers being a bit careless. Is all.

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The ‘X-FORCE’ MOVIE will feature a 5-Person team. Plus! So many pouches.

Motherfucking Cable, nephew!

Rob Liefeld needs to be the artistic director on this son of a bitch. Just totally lay out some gorgeous costumes with like a million-pouches. Every character played by Vin Diesel (forget the Avengers 2), after we stack on some serious muscles. ‘Cause, you know. Ain’t the X-Force unless it has anatomy-breaking muscles and pouches.

(Unless it’s Uncanny X-Force.)

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