Watch out, Rob Liefeld. Your tendency for wonderfully deranged slop may be challenged by none other than The Kid From Transformers himself. Yep,  Shia LaBeouf. Dude has entered the comics arena, and for once you’ll pray that the medium does  croak. Oh, I’m kidding. They’re so fucking bad they rule.

Hit the jump for his uh, “work” and deets.

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‘HAWKEYE’ By FRACTION and AJA To Launch In August. Frak Yeah.

Everyone in the Avengers fucking party! I know, I know. Spreading thin, et cetera. I don’t care. Hawkeye  by Fraction and Aja is coming, bringing with it a groin swell from my corner of the room.

Covers and deets post-jump.

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MARK WAID Launches “THRILLBENT” Digital Comics On May 1

At C2E2, Mark Waid has laid out the deets on his upcoming digital comics venture. It’s called Thrillbent, and its dropping the cloak covering its naughties this May 1.

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DC COMICS Announces ‘DIGITAL FIRST’ BATMAN By Lemire, and Lindelof. This Is Hot.

The giant digital push is coming, so grab the grease and practice your groans or moans. Depending on your distributional ideology. DC has announced “Digital First” Batman as well as other “digital first” joints  and the line-up alone may be able to persuade you.

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