Watch out, Rob Liefeld. Your tendency for wonderfully deranged slop may be challenged by none other than The Kid From Transformers himself. Yep,  Shia LaBeouf. Dude has entered the comics arena, and for once you’ll pray that the medium does  croak. Oh, I’m kidding. They’re so fucking bad they rule.

Hit the jump for his uh, “work” and deets.

Comics Alliance:

Better known as an actor, the son of Indiana Jones, and a renowned scholar in the language of Cybertronian,  Transformers  star  Shia LaBeouf  made a surprise appearance at the C2E2 comics convention in Chicago this past weekend, signing  self-published comics  that the Chicago Tribune described as being “borderline philosophical” and having “crude, child-like drawings.” I unfortunately missed the signing, but when I discovered that my local shop, Chicago Comics, was selling two of his three books in store, I dashed over to pick them up.

They are… an experience to read. If I didn’t know any better, I might say they’re secret messages sent from space robots to warn us of impending armageddon. Or maybe they’re just some freshman-English-level poetry thrown into a couple picture books. Probably the latter. One of the two LaBeouks I bought, Let’s  F***ing Party  (above), has no narrative at all.

Instead, what it provides are LaBeouf’s “thoughts.” You, the reader, know this because, following a title page featuring the above Alfred E. Neuman-esque figure from the cover, is something I can only call a warning.