Watch: Gnarly new Batman animated short by creator of ‘BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES’

Batman - Strange Days

In recognition of the God Damn Bat-Man’s 75th birthday, the creator of B:TAS has returned with a new short. God bless you, Bruce Timm. God bless you.

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Stunning BATMAN GRAFFITI found in abandoned building. Exploring++


This is gnarly. A redditor and his girlfriend from Belgium thought they were just going to do some run-of-the-mill urban exploring. You know, finding their way into some abandoned building. Cut themselves. Get tetanus. Probably die. However, they did one better than dying from a rusty spoon in some burned down shack. The couple stumbled across some gorgeous Batman graffiti.

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ROBOCOP To Voice Batman In Animated ‘DARK KNIGHT RETURNS’; Fanboy Convergence

RoboCop is donning the goddamn cowl, in a manner of speaking. Peter Well, the one true Robotic Cop of my childhood, will be voicing the Bat in the upcoming Dark Knight Returns  animated adventure.

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