‘Uncharted 4’ Co-Director Bruce Straley has left Naughty Dog. A witty tip of the cap to all his efforts

uncharted 4 codirector bruce straley leaves naughty dog

Bruce Straley has left Naughty Dog, but his presence has been felt, and will be felt in the company’s products for years. Not only was he the co-director of The Last of Us, but he also co-directed the fourth Uncharted game. It’s an understandable, yet bittersweet loss for the company. The sorts of games Straley directed were fuckin’ developmental grinds, so it’s hard to fault him for leaving. I ain’t gonna get too bereft about this shit, though. The future of Naughty Dog still feels bright. Not only is Straley’s longtime creative partner, Neil Druckmann remaining at the company, but the writing team behind Lost Legacy proved their own bonafides.

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‘LAST OF US’ leads are now heading up ‘UNCHARTED 4.’


The Brains behind Last of Us are now The Brains behind Nathan Drake. Man, finally some fucking good news for the Uncharted franchise. The past couple of months have seen countless people throwing up the Deuces and getting the fuck out of Naughty Dog. So while all of that is certainly concerning, at least we know the people now in charge are fucking legit.

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