‘LAST OF US’ leads are now heading up ‘UNCHARTED 4.’


The Brains behind Last of Us are now The Brains behind Nathan Drake. Man, finally some fucking good news for the Uncharted franchise. The past couple of months have seen countless people throwing up the Deuces and getting the fuck out of Naughty Dog. So while all of that is certainly concerning, at least we know the people now in charge are fucking legit.

Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, co-leads on multiple-award-winning The Last Of Us, will be taking charge for the next game in the Uncharted series, ​Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells revealed to Game Informer. Straley, who served as game director, and Druckmann, who served as creative director on The Last of Us, will be taking over for previous Uncharted writer/creative director Amy Hennig, who departed Naughty Dog for Star Wars-ier pastures at Visceral Games earlier this year.

Try not to worry too much that the change in leadership will make Uncharted on PS4 as dark as Naughty Dog’s fungal apocalypse drama; both Druckmann and Straley have experience working on the PS3 Uncharted games. Druckmann helped pen Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, while Straley was game director forUncharted 2 and art director for the original Uncharted. [Joystiq]