‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Extended Trailer: Aliens Make Stuff Go *Boom*

‘Captain Ameirca: Civil War’ Set Photos: Crossbones and Cap throwin’ down


I’m a bit more cavalier about covering Captain America: Civil War set-photos that I am other properties. For some reason I don’t approach spoilers in adaptations of known comic book stories with the same reservation as I do other properties. For better or worse. So yeah, I’m digging these set-photos. And I’m sweating this flick.

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Hello slime, I have missed you. Two days in the gorgeous, but insanely backwards state of Florida has given way to a return to the Space-Ship proper. I’m sitting in the Space Hub, paying $3000 space-cubits per minute to type up this bad boy before departure. Instead of trying to cover everything upon return, here’s a fucking rundown of all the dope stuff I’ve noted whilst away from my terminal.

Read all this dope shit, and then hit the comments with your own…commentary? Clearly the sun has done nothing to help my tattered remains of lucidity.

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BLIZZARD trademarks ‘THE DARK BELOW.’ Prolly WoW x Diablo x Starcraft Gem Puzzler.


Sort of stealing the headline from a conversation I had with our own Budrickton, who pointed me towards this news. Blizzard has issued forth another trademark into the world, with this latest copyright stamp bringing me hope of not a Diablo expansionNo no. Nor a WoW expansion. Of course not. But rather a hotfix that allows me to finally bask on the thickened, scar-tissue covered genitals of all my toons. They’ve rode hard. For years.

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PLAY: ‘MASS MURDERER OF STEEL’ is amusing web browser critique of new Supes movie.


Whether you enjoyed Man of Steel or not, one thing is evident. Zod and Kal-El beat the living shit out of Metropolis. Obviously though, right? I mean how else to evoke 9/11 Imagery without some uttered destruction? Kyler Baker has issued a browser game turned film critique that allows you to bash in the Super City yourself.

It’s dope.

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Monday Morning Commute: Ice Giants Upon the Pond

Hello friends. Nuzzle your bunghole close to the center of your leather seat here aboard the Mothership, and grab a beverage. This here is Monday Morning Commute, the therapy session where we all discuss the various arts, crafts, beverages, and bloat-inducing burgers that are helping us through this thing called Existence. Oh me? I’m just wallowing away here on break from work. My days have slide into nights, vampire weekends into a vampire existence. I’ve broken the noon wake-up call a couple of times, and my self-loathing is spiking. You’re all beautiful.

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‘BORDERLANDS 2’ Trailer: A guided tour of death and style.

With Borderlands 2 quickly approaching, it’s time to acclimate ourselves to its world and changes. That’s where Sir Hammerlock comes in quite handy. Let the hunter, scholar, and gentleman show you around the gorgeous killing fields.

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‘METAL GEAR SOLID: GROUND ZEROES’ announced. Sexy Snake is back, yo!

People attending the Metal Gear 25th anniversary event were lucky enough to catch a glimpse at the next MGS jam. The game is titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and if the teaser footage is any indication, we’re getting sexy Snake back. I’m pumped. Don’t get me wrong, having Snake as an old wizened piece of shit in MGs4 made sense thematically. Emotionally, it was a drag carrying his old fart balls around.

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First Look: Russell Crowe in Aronofsky’s ‘NOAH’, dude looks rough. Like Russell Crowe.

The world has been given a first look of Russell Crowe as Noah, and the dude looks about the same. About! The same.

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Image Announces New Titles From FRACTION, GRAHAM, CASEY, And More. Awesome++

Sweet merciful lord, bare pity on me. I am not worthy of all the hotness that Image comics continues to unfurl. I am not. However, with your blessing I will sweat all over them like the excited fanboy I am. New works from FractionGraham? And more?

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