Diablo III.

As suspected, Diablo III is getting an expansion. Reaper of Souls. Blizzard has dropped a cinematic trailer for the forthcoming snap-on to the title, and it’s gorgeous. Par for the course. Now here is hoping the expansion’s content is equally as wonderful.

Hit the jump for the trailer and more details.

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Blizzard teases ‘DIABLO 3’ expansion called ‘REAPER OF SOULS.’ Aiight.

Reaper of Souls.

Dear friend. Were you like me? Marginally let down by Diablo 3? If so – – what would it take for you to give the game another try courtesy of its new expansion? Me? It’s a Blizzard product with the name Diablo stamped on it. Given my childhood, I am almost legally bound to partake.

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BLIZZARD trademarks ‘THE DARK BELOW.’ Prolly WoW x Diablo x Starcraft Gem Puzzler.


Sort of stealing the headline from a conversation I had with our own Budrickton, who pointed me towards this news. Blizzard has issued forth another trademark into the world, with this latest copyright stamp bringing me hope of not a Diablo expansionNo no. Nor a WoW expansion. Of course not. But rather a hotfix that allows me to finally bask on the thickened, scar-tissue covered genitals of all my toons. They’ve rode hard. For years.

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