‘Blade Runner’ sequel being shot by one of the greatest cinematographers. Ever.

Blade Runner.

Fuck, man. How am I not supposed to be excited about Blade Runner 2: Unnecessary Sequel? Ryan Gosling. Denis Villeneuve. And now Roger Deakins.

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Ridley Scott DOES Want Harrison Ford For ‘BLADE RUNNER’ SEQUEL. Wut?

I was pretty cool with a Blade Runner  sequel happening, so long as it was telling a new tale in the glorious cyberpunkverse I had come to splooge on. I didn’t want no haggard ass Harry Ford and his dangling earring running through it. As my Dad used to say, “How does it feel to want?” Pretty shitty, pah. Maybe it won’t be as bad as it seems.

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New ‘BLADE RUNNER’ Officially A Sequel, Original Screenwriter Hampton Fancher On Board.

Here’s some more news on the Blade Runner  front, and it is turning up aces. At least for me. The flick is certainly  going to be a sequel, and the original screenwriter is back on board. It’s a Blade Runner-heavy news cycle, but in my world only the curmudgeonly bitch about such a wonder.

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‘BLADE RUNNER’ SEQUEL To Feature Female Protagonist. Plus!, ‘PROMETHEUS’ Poster.

Prometheus  international poster. Blade Runner  sequel news. Just hit the jump.

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Ridley Scott: New “Blade Runner’ Project Is ‘Likely To Be A Sequel’. Well Then.

Blade Runner project. It’s happening. It’s happening, seriously, and it’s going to be a sequel. That’s what Papa Blade Runner himself is saying.

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Blade Runner Is Getting A Prequel/Sequel. My Soul Dies.

In further proof that there is no God, Hollywood is a runaway Devil Machination, and everything sucks, there’s a fucking Blade Runner Prequel/Sequel in the works. I wish I could describe to you how much this crushes my soul and shits down my gullet. Why doesn’t the scar tissue ever form, why does this still burn? Star Wars prequels, Matrix sequels, the Watchmen movie. It still burns!

Hit the jump for details.

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