Monday Morning Commute: Deus Ex Slopculture


It’s another edition of Monday Morning Commute, folks. Borne up out of the primordial sludge that are my synapses. Rotted neuro-wires shooting electricity aimlessly across the hollowed-dome of my brain-piece. My poor taste strained through the rotting diaper filled with the refuse of a consumed Elder One’s husk.

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Weekend Open Bar: Thankfully, Your GlitchedSoul was CloudSaved

glitch save

Ah yeah, you did it, buddy! You made it through the first week of the new year. All them holidays are over with, and so your laissez faire attitude can no longer be blamed on festivities. Instead you’re going to need to bury the truth deep down — you’re tired of your unrewarding job in the SpiceMines, and the nominal-at-best pay bumps and feigned annual recognition by the CzarLords that run your job from DigiSpace.

It’s depressing, but you’re not alone. For one, it’s the weekend. For two, this is Weekend Open Bar! A watering hole buried deep in the swollen cyst in the synapses of the CyberRot of the Universe’s Grey Matter. All of us are here! Waiting for you!

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Weekend Open Bar: We’re trying to plug a hole in the universe!

plugging a hole

Ah! A toast to the Elder Ones for allowing me to make it to another Weekend. I am currently caught in some sort of time-displacement, shuffling between the expansion and contraction of Linear-ExistenSpace. Weeks that fly by, while feeling draining. Moments that drag on, while evaporating at impressive speeds. But that’s neither here nor there, for the next couple of days! It’s the Weekend! And with that comes the Open Bar.

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Monday Morning Commute: Carla Got A Good Deal On Her Third DigiMeat

Upgrade Your Grey Matter

Monday Morning Commute! I’m ailing. Single-parenting the dog this week while Sam-Omega is on location for work. Monday Morning Commute! So I ain’t sleeping, and I’m brute forcing this camaraderie-inducing column before I side-tilt and collapse-drool while watching football. Monday Morning Commute!

The weekly column where we gather here on Space-Ship OMEGA, and share what is getting us through the work week. Be it movies we are anticipating, albums we’re rocking to, funny books that are dropping on Wednesday.

Share! Share what’s on your existential plate. I will, too.

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‘Black Ops 3’ Teaser Trailer: Now With 100% More Matrix Vibe

‘Black Ops 2’ adds Snapchat Easter Eggs (probably) teasing ‘Black Ops 3’

Black Ops 2.

Developers Treyarch have dropped the sort of neat Easter Egg donkey bullshit that couldn’t have existed a decade ago. The company has patched in a set of QR codes or some shit that probably, totally would have gone unnoticed by me. But are also probably, totally teasing Black Ops 3.

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