‘BIOSHOCK INFINITE’ delayed until March 2013, but it’s like good!

Bad news: BioShock Infinite is getting delayed. Good news: there is a deluge of previews out today, and they are all covered in juices and smiles.

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Press Start!: The Dude Who Hacked My Xbox Can Choke On Unicorn Puke

Pow! Welcome to the sporadic and unfortunately not really weekly anymore column Press Start! Within these confines we talk about what the haps are in the world of gaming on a given week. No column is complete without a lazy conceit, so we’re rocking a Top 5 list. Per usual, my list is based solely on personal preference, and reflects only  my poor taste. Do my dumb ass a solid and spout off in the comments section about what caught your fancy these past seven days.

Let’s boogie. Woogie.

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‘BioShock Infinite’ Dropping October 16. Autumn? More Like AWESOME LOL.

BioShock Infinite  is one title among seeming zillions that I’m sweating this calendar year. Now there’s been an official date of release dropped for the title, and it’s smack-dab in the middle of October. October? More like Rocktober! LOL.

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